Andrew Maurice Grant

b. 1983 Montego Bay, Jamaica

Grant’s subject matter is centered around women and depicting them in the most noble light, visually.   His inspiration is women solely, as they have been the most consistent force in his life. Grant finds that representing women, especially black women, acts as a homage he is paying for the nurturing, generosity and kindness he has experienced all of his life.

Intrigued by mystery and symbolism Grant uses the feminine as a way to explore these motifs.

Photo by Marybel Photography


Group Exhibition: 2024 - Orlando Sentinel -  Approaching 50: Work From Crealdé Faculty

Exhibition: 2021 - Solo Exhibition - Appleton Museum of Art - A Breeze Through Fertile Gardens

Interview: 2021 - Appleton Museum of Art - Artist’s Outlook

Interview: 2021 - Shoutout Miami

Exhibition: 2019 - Solo Exhibition - Hannibal Square Heritage Center - Elements

Interview: 2019 - Orlando Sentinel - Elements

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