b. 1983 Montego Bay, Jamaica
Resides in Central FL.

Grant’s mother always had art in the home. Photography, small figurines, illustrations and painting reproductions which leaned towards realism, representations of blackness and the female form .  It wasn’t until Grant got older, that he realized the art he lived with over the years, settled on his subconscious and helped influence the way he approaches his own art to this day.

Throughout high school and college, Grant continued to hone his technique and had the opportunity to take Art History I and II, at the University of Central Florida.  When reflecting on those years, he realized he had limited exposure to people producing the type of work and subject matter he now explores exclusively. With consistent research and study, he has since found communities near and far that hold representational art at the highest standard.  

Fortunately, he was able to study with Terry Traumbaer Norris and privately with Carol Broman in 2010 and 2011.  Academic techniques were introduced to him and a high priority was placed on developing the skills necessary to bring a vision to life.  

Grant’s subject matter is centered around women and depicting them in the most noble light, visually.   His inspiration is women solely, as they have been the most consistent force in his life. Grant finds that representing women, especially black women, acts as a homage he is paying for the nurturing, generosity and kindness he has experienced all of his life.

Photo by Marybel Photography

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